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Create your own world of enigmatic sounds and Bedazzled visuals!

They have their own aura, their own stylish appeal. A well developed game can magnetize people from all age groups to its own surreal world of imaginative fantasies and rich graphics. We have allowed our artists to unleash their creativity in the area of game development. With their focused approach on each and every aspect, we are able to produce results that are entertaining, gripping, appealing and profitable. From designing to testing, every step involved in game development is thoroughly streamed in our process of development, to remove any kind of loopholes- if it exits.

Games are meant for entertainment and this is exactly how its development must be approached. The texture of the screen, use of right colors, aestheticism of graphics, quality of sound, and presence of rich content is required to churn out a successful, winning combination. With our experience we are able to create games that are compatible on any platform, so that user can enhance a quality experience without any hiccups or interruption. We work on all the latest technologies to make sure that what we present is acceptable on world wide scale. Games enthusiastic are always particular about what they playing, and the experience they are drawing out of it, this is how it should always be. A source of entertainment must always be entertaining. And we in our studios push our boundaries, to produce results that are simply—Astounding!

Our Super powers

Unity 3D

A brilliant idea needs, an equally brilliant technology, to create magic. And Unity 3D software allows that. Laced with ultra-advance features, its help our ideas escape the gravity of mediocrity, and create something unique and special. This software polishes the quality in videos and helps us create games that are sense soothing and visually clean. Games are largely dependent upon the quality of animation used in them. It is these animated characters in the games that connects well with their users, and draw them into the land of virtual reality. Unity 3D, with its Mecanim feature allows to bridge the bond between creativity and style. Its multiplatform effect allows swift development and helps us complete the tasks in a stipulated cost frame. To sum it up in simple terms, this tool is not less than a, ‘Magical Lamp’, that creatively satisfies all the wishes of the artist who are working with it in order to achieve superb performance and develop stunning games.

Cocos 2D

This framework has everything that a game developer aspires for. Its easy, controlled, give excellent results and most importantly it allows games to run on Smart Phones. It allows successful transitions of games on all the leading platforms like, Blackberry, Android and I phones/pads. In other words, users can carry their entertainment source; literally in their pockets. Now imagine the scope of a game that can be run and played easily and enjoyably on mobile phones. It opens up a whole new market for you to create and sell your product. Using this framework, our magicians can cast the spell of magnificence in their games development. This framework allows artists to detect the bugs at the stage of development and eradicate them. Therefore the result you get once you are through this stage of development, is a refined concept of visuals and sounds that makes their impact the minute they are used. We in our studios, not only know how to use these concepts and tools effectively, rather we have mastered it. We understand their language, and are thorough with their functionality. Our experts very ably handle these frameworks to present gaming spectacles that are appreciated and admired by users all over the world.

Making games is one thing…

Promote your game, create your market and reap the profits

How to make money with the games?

Once you have a product you are sure will hit right chords with its targeted audience, you have to market it well. But a million dollar question is- how to do it? We will guide on each and every step to make sure that what your product is able to fetch you good returns. We have the experience, knowledge, skills and tools to market your product appropriately and accordingly. Our process doesn’t end with delivery of the games. Rather, we toil hard to make sure that your product creates a niche for itself product in the market.

Even if you are entering the vast, creative gaming world for the very first time, you know, you are not alone, when working with us. We support and shadow your progress in the market. We know the platforms and the forums from where you can advertise your games well. We know the areas where you can seek to sell your games and reap good benefits in return. When you invest in quality, you deserve impressive financial rewards. And that can only happen if you know: how to sell, where to sell and whom to sell. And we will stand firm with you to ensure you achieve the desired result.

How to promote your games?

The key aspect that defines a good promotion is where you are promoting your product. You need to establish your audience, and have to reach them in the most impressive way. If you are new to this and are unaware of all the tricks of trades, you mustn’t fret. We are there with you, to enable you determine the right platform for right kind of promotion. Quality needs promotion. It is no fun in having something special, if it isn’t appreciated for its worth, by a wider range of audience. And we help you get that share of audience.

We will make sure that you don’t spend your energy unnecessarily on the mediums that will fetch your product no identification. We perform all these services because that is part of the deal. Yes, it is included in the package. Promotion of your product is a part of the deal, something that we have to oblige to, and we do it with full dedication and sincere efforts. We make sure that your ideas are not only created, but they are also ably promoted to give your product a creative winning sheen.

Shake n Bake!

How it happened

Who was not inspired and allured to adventures of Mario and Contra? They changed the scenario of gaming, and injected a new life in the monotonous world of entertainment. This revolution prospered the new generation of free thinkers, and we in late 2012, carried forward that tradition, with the launch of our own gaming studio, ‘Shake n Bake’. Our entry in this field was more inspired by a creative urge rather than a business motto. We realized the suffocation of ideas in gaming industry, due lack of quality resources. And we wanted to change that. So that rather than waiting or blaming, we entered the world of gaming. Since late 2012, we are successfully turning up inspirational ideas that are helping both the users and our clients to enjoy the spirit of games and entertainment, all over again.

  • Gangnam fly
    Gangnam fly
    Over 200,000 downloads as of 15th Feb 2013
    available on apps store
  • Justin Marley
    Justin Marley
    Random game made over the weekend
    available on apps store
  • Angry Gangnam
    A really cool physics game
    available on apps store

Platforms on which we have already excelled

iphone gaming
iPhone game Development:

A delightful piece of engineering combined with superior class of art this is what I Phone is, and this is why it is the most liked and demanded phone in the world. Anything that is promoted on this platform has to be of optimum class, and we know how to deliver that. Our expertise in I Phone game development enables you to be the part of the proudest and most enduring franchise in the world. So board the ship of ‘I’ and take your product across the world.

iPad game development:

When the brand is ‘Apple’, the expectations are immense, and to meet them you need expertise of the highest level. And we can deliver it, because we know how things on such admired platforms are done. Our developers know, in and out of I Pad framework, and they can deliver you games that work elegantly on these stylish platforms. The platform of I Pad demands and appreciates quality in the product, and this is what we try to achieve all the time with our efforts.

Ipad Gaming
Android gaming
Android game development:

If there is one platform that can match and compete with Apple in terms of quality and style that is, Android. Easily one of the most popular and appreciated platform. The games, which are developed on these platforms demands meditative attention. You cannot simply turn with just ‘another game’, for such a reputed platform. You have to plan, create and design everything to perfection, so that your product can be admired and appreciated by Android users worldwide. We help you propel in your vision. And give your Android game development right wings. In other words we guarantee class, and focused determination towards your project.

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